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Caring for your furs

How can I care for my furs to ensure their lasting enjoyment for years to come?


According to the consumer advocacy website

  • Store your fur garments in cold storage when you are done wearing them for the season or not using them. The more time fur garments spend in cold storage the longer they will last.


  • Clean your fur garments at least once per year. If you wear your fur a lot (more than 6 times per season) or it is exposed to beauty products or smoke, then have it cleaned mid season as well.


  • Have your fur garment cleaned by Authorized Furcare Specialist SM methods only. Dry-cleaning, washing or laundering may severely damage your fur.


  • Use broad-shouldered hangers when hanging a fur garment.


  • When hanging in a closet, allow space to prevent it from being crushed or creased by other garments.


  • Have rips, loose seams and damage repaired as soon as possible by a professional furrier. This prevents minor problems from becoming major, more expensive problems.


  • Never store your fur in a cedar closet.


  • Never store your fur with moth balls.


  • Do not store your fur in a bag of any type while at home or in a storage facility.


  • Hang your fur away from heat sources such as radiators and heat vents.


  • Do not allow your fur to be exposed to direct light for a lengthy period of time. Long-term exposure to direct light can cause oxidization and discoloration.


  • Do NOT store your fur in a freezer… bad idea


  • Never spray chemicals directly on your fur. (including all alcohol, solvent, and silicon based substances)


  • Avoid perfume, hairspray, or makeup from coming into direct contact with your fur. The alcohol content in these products will dry the leather and stiffen the guard hairs.


  • One of the beauties of fur is that it can be repaired or remodeled over time to provide a garment that can be worn for many years, through many phases of fashion. If part of your fur has been worn away, matching fur can be sewn in to replace the worn areas.


  • Yes, it is OK to wear your fur in snow or light rain.


  • Cloth car upholstery should be covered to prevent damage to your fur. Cloth car upholstery stretches under weight and will grab the guard hairs on your fur and pull them out when you leave your seat.


  • Be certain your fur garments are adequately insured.

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